Ironman Lanzarote 2015 – James Fox AKA Foxy

So here it is, apologies as its a long one, so after pushing, working and training hard, I did it and completed IM Lanzarote.
The night before I slept well (massive thanks to Mick Burns for the apartment on the beach this was great for getting down to the start), on the morning we went for a cheeky breakfast round at Fariones hotel (thanks to our Golden boy Des McManus ) making up our special bags the atmosphere was calm and upbeat
After breakfast we went and did final checks with our kit and pumping up tyres all ready and then a quick change at the apartment and back down to the beach ready for the battle to commence.
We got down for a quick warm up and think with it still being dark got me a little paniky but I did settle my head in and got flowing feeling more relaxed prior to the swim which was great.
Queuing up for the start was fantastic but like in a cattle Hurd going down to cross the grid to the start; the atmosphere was superb and all seemed in good spirits, I positioned myself near front slightly to the right and in the hour swim time block.
As the start went we were off and I battled away, being kicked, hit, swam over and pulled; this appeared the norm for the whole of this swim as it is compact and tight very challenging; I felt shattered after the battle of lap one and went back in for lap two again similar battling and a stop off for some cramping of the hamstring a quick calm stretch and back off. Out strong and
In to T1 and this went fairly well got a few things muddled but out on the bike and aiming for keeping me watts at a constant pace, this worked really well and was the best plan that I stuck with as the conditions were really hard, rain, wind and sun; wind hitting hard long climbs for most of the course and fast very windy descents this course was really working your whole body to the max. People were passing and I also passed a few on the bike. the ones that I did have pass me I did catch and go past. The special bag was the best thing ever and maintaining consistent nutrition so I felt good and ready for the run; some fantastic climbs and got to the top of mirador mountain and the views were beautiful and emotional moment at the top knowing that you get the last 20-30mile back as very fast hitting 50mph and holding on to them bars tighter than ever. I really enjoyed the bike and went in to transition 2 on time and was focused for my run ahead trying to maintain the pace , again winds, heat and the elements were really tough, I kept smooth and consistent and used the nutrition stations well, the support around the course was really good and seeing other athletes that I aspire to (Jason Wilkes Des McManus Mick Burns Hollie Cradduck helped with my focus and motivation. It was also emotional and saw Derek Jennings top fella and very hard moment,checking he was safe and carrying on with thoughts for him. The first loop was hard as 20k loop going 10k into strong wind, the second loop 10k was still going well; the final loop the pain started to hit and the legs was playing up with aches and pains I walked through a couple of the aid stations going back out in to the wind with a plan of no stopping on the final stretch back, the final three miles were painful and the last mile the pain drifted back as I knew I was in time for my run time and overall time… Such a fabulous achievement so very proud, happy and overwhelmed with the results I had achieved 11:37 – get in !!! and really going to enjoy the celebrations now…
Massive love goes to Cheryl my fiancé I cannot wait for August and our wedding- thinking of you and our boys helped me at the highs and lows and how proud I knew u would be I really wanted to achieve my best for u..
Thanks massively for the training with me top man Charlesfitness Mark and for his achievements of the race as well top man. There were some fabulous athletes and cracking times from everyone; massive well done to Jason, Des, Mick, Derek, Nathan John Holmes, Hollie, James and many others
Big thanks to Stafford Tri
To Mark Edwards Dean Edwards Jay Edwards Annette Edwards for your support and guidance really lovely family and top athletes
Thanks to James Walker and BorntoBike Bridgtown Cycles for the bike fits and support
Thanks one and all for the lovely messages and monitoring me through this fabulous achievement even me bro Baker out in Qatar plus many others to list but very much appreciated thank you than you.

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