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2016 Club Award Winners

A magnificent well done to all our 2016 award winners.

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Prizes dished out last Saturday were…

Most improved
Male Simon Warwick
Female Katy Sigley


Fastest TT
Male Mark Reg Charles & Martin Tolley
Female Emily Doris Meakin


Race Series Winners

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1st male Vet Matthew Harte
1st female vet Clair Turner

1st place
Male James Fox
Female Kelly Bate

2nd place
Male Mark Charles
Female Kate Waterhouse

3rd place
Male Simon Warwick
Female Clair Turner

Top Dog

Simon Warwick

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Junior awards competitors in Tri star 1
Erin Ridgeway
Scarlets Williams
Jolie Andrews

Tri star 2 competitors
Sydney Williams
Emmaline Grace
Maddie Hammond

Tri star 3 competitors
Christian Rowe
Youth Competitor
Luke Dewhurst.

Blithfield Open Water Swim Instructions

Blithfield Reservoir  Open Water Swimming – Starts Thursday 19th April 2018!

Blithfield Reservoir Thursday’s 6pm – 7.30pm (extending to 8.00pm as light improves).

Stafford Tri Members £3.50
Non Stafford Tri Members £5.00

Blithfield Sailing Club, Bithfield Reservoir, Waters Road, Abbots Bromley, Staffs WS15 3DU

Open Water Swim Declaration Form

Stafford Triathlon Club have enviable, exclusive access to this great facility at Blithfield Reservoir with excellent changing facilities and warm showers as well as the bar being open for some of the time post swim, ideal for looking out over the reservoir and socialising with other swimmers.

Any club members wishing to swim must have first been open water approved, this involves one of the club coaches seeing you swim 800m (32 Lengths) in a pool. This can be arranged at any one of the club swims, just tell the coach at poolside when you arrive.

There is a code of conduct onsite, can you all read and make sure you abide by this, as it is the minimum standard we expect everyone to adhere to, whilst at Blithfield.

All members and non members must print out a copy of the declaration form, available at the link above and here, sign it and bring it along with you the first time you swim, this can be downloaded by clinking on the link.

Everyone will be required to swim with at least one buddy whilst in the reservoir and carry a waterproof whistle, if you need one, these can be purchased from whomever is taking the registration at Blithfield for £3.00.

Each session costs £3.50 for current members of Stafford Triathlon Club. Non members are welcome, all of the above conditions apply and the cost is £5. We are very lucky to have use of this facility and we need to respect the environment, wildlife and other users

Each swimmer will receive a numbered band which corresponds to their name on the signing in sheet. The band MUST be handed in as soon as you exit the water so we know you are out of the water safely. This is a fundamental rule not to be broken.

The entry point into the water is across the grass to the right of the steps down from the clubhouse (approx. 15 mtrs) and turn left towards the Stafford Tri Flags. The ramp into the water can be VERY slippery, so care should be taken upon entry and exit.

The swim course is an ANTI-CLOCKWISE pattern, keeping the YELLOW buoys (with Staffie Emblem) to your left, which means nobody should ever be more than 30 metres from the shore. If for any reason we need to get people out of the water in an emergency, there will be three blasts on an air horn. You should exit the water at the nearest shore.
And don’t forget above all else, enjoy your swim!

Directions to Blithfield Reservoir

Ironman Success!


The club is very pleased to have come first in Division 3 the UK and 2nd in Europe in Ironman’s Club Programme for 2015!

Hoping to top the table this year!

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