Our club has several sponsors that provide the club assistance in different ways. Thanks to our sponsors, as a member of Stafford Triathlon Club, you are entitled to the following discounts and advantages:

MamouthMammoth Lifestyle and Fitness
Mammoth has been our sponsor since day one and offers club members a 15% discount on all purchases made at Mammoth and the Specialized Concept Store. In addition to this generous offer they will lend out equipment for a race from wheels to a time trial bike!

(MORE about Mammoth)


 KOM Fuel

Winning isn’t easy. But we believe it can be simpler, especially your hydration and nutrition.
We love helping athletes go faster, go further, go beyond their limits. To be the best they can be.
KOMFUEL delivers the exact fuel you need for any challenge you put ahead of yourself. Personalised sports nutrition that is delivered free through your door. Enabling athletes to focus on training, recovery and – most importantly – competing.


Use ‘KOMSTC’ at komfuel.co.uk for 20% off your nutrition plans, one off orders or our Advanced Sweat Testing for optimising your performance.




Wychbury Greaves – Accountants

At Wychbury Greaves our aim is to offer a level of professionalism and personal service that is second to none. We do this through a combination of hard-won expertise and genuine interest in our clients and their business.

You’ll find we are different. To begin with, our size means that we will never be remote or impersonal, yet because all our key people all have big practice experience you can expect a level of skill and attention to detail of the kind  usually enjoyed by large corporations.

We believe every size of business has the right to high quality, affordable accountancy services and our systems ensure we are always pro-active in maximising your financial efficiency – particularly in the area of taxation.

Good accountancy is a matter of working together – understanding your aims and ambitions as well as your balance sheet. You’ll find Wychbury Greaves could be one of your chief assets in achieving a more profitable, faster growing business.

We’re based in Rugeley and provide our services nationally to all individuals and businesses
(MORE about Wychbury Greaves)

Stafford Leisure Centre
Although not a sponsor of the club, we have negotiated the discounted Momentum membership at Stafford Leisure Centre for club members of £29 a month instead of £36.

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